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IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions


IoT means many different things therefore developing a level of confusion in the marketplace. Furthermore, the difficulty in defining what IoT is has led to an even greater lack of comprehension of the technical considerations for various types of IoT applications, let alone the products and skills required to make a solution viable. This has resulted in a host of technology companies talking about their focus on IoT, but without clarity around their specific contributions or capabilities to the creation of real world IoT solutions.

So, let’s start with the fundamentals…

The term IoT refers to an ever-growing network of connected devices that allows for the capture and exchange of data in a way that was unimaginable in the past. With the right mix of technology and network connectivity in place, IoT enables safety, sustainability, operational efficiency and economic growth. Real-time visibility of data allows enterprises to leverage this information to make informed decisions that have a significant impact to their business.

Our Approach to IoT and the value we deliver to our customers and suppliers includes:

  • Providing edge to cloud connectivity and enablement through turnkey wireless solutions. This is an essential part of the infrastructure required for any IoT solution to function and we bring the key components – monitoring platforms, connectivity, gateway, sensors, ancillary equipment, and more.

    Edge to Cloud Connectivity & Enablement

  • Offering the engineering design and technical support expertise required to build the connected infrastructure necessary to support fully functioning analytics and other cloud applications our customers choose to utilize.
  • Providing turnkey wireless infrastructure solutions giving our customers the option and ability to use cloud platforms and vertical-specific application solutions.

Tessco provides edge to cloud connectivity and enablement for smart cities, smart buildings, and much more…


Tessco Discusses the Future of IoT

Listen in as Tessco’s Director of Market and Product Strategy, Naren Muthiah, talks about IoT, shares his predictions, and addresses how Tessco serves a vital role in this ever-growing marketplace.



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