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DAS & In-Building Wireless Solutions

A strong, reliable signal is critical to everyday life, from the office to campus to industrial settings and for public safety concerns. We deliver a full range of products to enhance coverage and capacity in any environment.



Featured DAS & In-Building Wireless Applications

Home Office

Home offices must perform at professional levels. We have the solutions to ensure a lack of coverage or weak signal don’t interfere with business.

Commercial Small Office

Even a small office can suffer from dead spots and signal enhancement is the answer. Work with us and we’ll help with proposals, FCC registration, and carrier coordination, too.


Larger spaces can mean bigger problems, especially for DAS. We’ll help you with the design, proposal, and build-out of a complete active DAS solution for any size space.

Large Venue

Coverage and capacity are crucial at major events, like games or concerts, for audience enjoyment and public safety. We have experience deploying the industry’s most complex, large scale DAS deployments.


Students and employees need mobility and connectivity on campus. We can support your design, proposal, and procurement from RFP to testing and turn up with a scalable DAS solution.

Public Safety DAS

Ensure communications when they matter most with reliable, robust in-building coverage in less trafficked spaces. From UHF, VHF, 700 and 800 MHz, to the ongoing FirstNet™ rollout, we’re on the forefront of emergency communications.

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