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Industrial IoT Solutions

Industrial IoT Solutions & Applications

As a result of our specialization in multiple industrial verticals, Tessco offers many services and components that are designed to help you leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) in order to raise margins for your business, enable efficient connectivity and data processing, and ensure the safety of your workers.

See our categorical breakdown that describes our approach to IoT enhancement below:

Transportation IoT Solutions

Tessco enables both mobile and fixed IIoT applications in the transportation industry by providing the components necessary to establish a fast and reliable network connection. These components include modems, antennas, mounts, cables, boosters, network gear, data radios, enclosures and more. By enabling industrial IoT applications our customers can have real-time visibility to their remote and mobile devices in order to make fast, intelligent decisions resulting improved operational efficiency and safety.

See how we helped a customer keep their many buses digitally connected.

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IoT Solutions for Manufacturing

We provide products in support of Industry 4.0 and industrial automation to give you the ability to track overall production efficiency in order to optimize the manufacturing process. Through smart manufacturing, we also prioritize cybersecurity at the edge using our top tier partners to enable OT & IT edge to cloud data processing.

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IoT Solutions for Utilities

As an experienced solutions provider in the utilities space, Tessco can enhance existing infrastructure as well as enable IIoT data processing at the edge. We can help you connect essential services for maintaining business health, leveraging information, and developing smarter, more effective power grids. We provide the components necessary to digitize your meters, power grids, water grids, and smart infrastructure. This will deliver greater reliability and efficiency that allows smoother processes.

In addition, we also provide products for small-cell deployment to enable better connectivity options for utilities.

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IoT Solutions for Oil & Gas

We provide a uniquely ruggedized solution offering to enhance your business functions by upgrading your infrastructure to smart systems. Through remote asset monitoring, our systems can assess gaps in what your business is currently prepared to handle. Operations such as oil rigs, which have private networks, will have access to the best-in-class cybersecurity to ensure all staff and processes remain uncompromised. We also provide an array of products including sensors, wireless infrastructure, and hardware to enable a seamless transition to operational technology. Tessco is positioned to assist with the movement towards advanced technology with greater bandwidth and faster speeds, allowing for improved system monitoring and functionality.

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IoT Solutions for Mining

We have experience providing solutions including backhaul, smart monitoring, and autonomous vehicle connectivity in a variety of mining environments. With our top-tier manufacturing partners, we can deploy a multitude of network types to meet even the most stringent monitoring requirements. Our in-house sales engineering and applications team also have experience designing networks that conform to the most demanding standards.

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