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Commerial Wi-Fi Solutions

Indoor, outdoor, or hybrid, Wi-Fi networks require the industry-leading parts and expert design to deliver the connectivity to meet demand. Tessco delivers a complete, end-to-end Wi-Fi solution, including active and passive components, ancillary products, system design, supply chain architecture, and post-deployment support.

Featured Wi-Fi Solutions & Applications

Large Public Venue

Public cellular networks simply can’t handle the capacity that comes with large crowds at concerts, sporting events, or other gatherings. Carrier grade Wi-Fi adds connectivity to enhance guest experience, provide reliable security and monitoring, and ensure communications in the event of an emergency.

Indoor Carpeted

Whether in a retail space, an educational institution, offices, or a medical center, reliable Wi-Fi is necessary to do business and these spaces present their own unique set of challenges. Let our experts design the ideal network for any environment, and deliver the products to make it a reality.

K-12 Education

Connected classrooms are educating the students of today, and technology in schools will only continue to increase. We can deliver the network design and products to provide reliable Wi-Fi throughout a school building, plus our experts can help you navigate the complicated procurement process and help you secure funding.


Industrial environments are among the most challenging for Wi-Fi deployment, from extreme temperatures to the risk of damage from vibration and daily activities. Plus, every scenario is unique, from a warehouse to an oil field, and requires specific solutions to keep networks running.

Residential & Small Office

Wi-Fi in a small or home office requires corporate-level connectivity, on a budget and within a smaller space. We deliver complex solutions that are streamlined and easy to install and maintain, often requiring zero configuration required. Our experts will identify the right solution for your needs, space, and number of users, and deliver an out of the box solution that lets a small business keep up with the big boys.

Carrier Offload

The public wireless network can’t always meet the demands of high-density environments, so supplementing it with commercial Wi-Fi at the edge can be a viable way to keep everyone connected. We have long-standing relationships with all Tier 1 carriers and deliver complete solutions for indoor and outdoor environments.


Large campuses of multiple buildings provide challenging environments for Wi-Fi, as users move between indoor and outdoor spaces and various buildings, each with their own signal limitations. We can deliver a complete design that accounts for all this, plus the products and equipment to deploy the network, all with the aesthetics of the space taken into consideration.

Let a Tessco expert help you identify the right solution for any need. Get started with one of our representatives at 800.472.7373.