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Microwave Radio Systems

Share data, voice, and video connectivity without the continuous expense of leased lines or time and effort of trenching cable. Microwave solutions are effective means for backhauls, site-to-site connectivity, and for replacing or extending fiber and copper lines between sites, all with shorter installation times and costs than traditional physical cable networks and greater throughput capabilities.

Featured Microwave Radio Solutions & Applications

Site-to-Site Connectivity

Faster, more efficient deployments connecting two locations without the need for intensive cable installations.

Data, Voice & Video Backhaul

Support data, voice, and video traffic on a physical network with a cost effective, efficient wireless solution.

Macro & Small Cell Backhaul

Wirelessly feed multipoint networks in an environment with greater density, without accommodating cable.

Leased Line Replacement

Take control of your network by replacing leased lines with an owned wireless solution.

Outdoor Fiber/Copper Extension

Overcome environmental challenges and extend the reach of your fiber or copper network with a wireless solution.

Outdoor Fiber/Copper Redundancy

Deliver reliable connectivity with a backup wireless system that protects against damaged cable or network failures.

Outdoor Fiber/Copper Replacement

Eliminate the risk of damaged or cut cable, and deliver higher connection speeds at a lower price, with a wireless microwave solution.