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5 Tips to Maximize Your Holiday Season Sales

It's officially the biggest shopping season of the year. But don't worry, we're here to help you maximize your sales through the end of the year. Here are our five tips for being prepared and making the most of the busy season.

  1. Deliver complete accessory solutions for the season's hottest devices.

    Make sure you are stocking the right products, presenting them in the best way, pricing them aggressively, and offering enticing promotions. Holiday shoppers are always on the hunt for a deal. Draw them to your store with a promo, and send them home with even more than they came for, like cases, cables, VR accessories, and more. Ensuring adequate inventory is important too, you don't want to turn away a sale. Using a VMI program for simple, streamlined replenishment will keep your best-sellers in stock.

  2. Stay on the cutting edge of technology.

    The most popular gifts and accessories are always the newest. Make sure your customers know that YOU are the place to go for the latest and greatest accessories for their brand-new gifts and gadgets. Bluetooth audio, IoT, new innovations in power like fast charging, wireless charging, and USB Type-C, and more demonstrate that you're in touch with what's new.

  3. Maximize profits on handset sales with accessories.

    The customer is in your store and buying a pricey device; don't let them leave without core accessories like cases, screen protection, and power. These are must-have products they'll need no matter what. Save them a trip to another store, time searching online, and the wait for shipping by delivering everything alongside their new device.

  4. Be the first place customers think of for accessories.

    Marketing is crucial to holiday success. Shoppers won't know you're the go-to accessory destination if you don't reach them with the message. Programs like TESSCO's MarketConnect™ can supplement your existing marketing efforts, expanding your reach and driving more traffic to your stores. Go one step further with TESSCO VirtualConnect™ and add online sales to your in-store experience for a total s hopping solution. By providing a way for every customer to buy what they need from you, even if you don't have it in store at the moment, you'll build trust and sales at the same time.

  5. Prepare your sales team for the season.

    This is the big game for your sales team, and no team goes into their biggest game without training. Your sales associates are the face of your store, make sure they're ready with comprehensive mobile training from TESSCO GoConnect™. Giving them the knowledge of brands and products, plus sales techniques and customer service solutions, will let them shine at the most crucial moment and you'll be able to rest easy knowing you're well-represented with your customers.

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