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How to Enable Outdoor Wi-Fi Deployment on Intermittently Powered Light Poles

Increasingly, network administrators are scrambling to expand their Wi-Fi networks outside. Public venues, including hospitals and schools, retail, transportation and sports venues, and resorts and tourist attractions now require high-performance, reliable Wi-Fi throughout common areas, campuses, parking lots, and walkways to support escalating user demand, maximize security and allow for exciting emerging business opportunities.


Existing light poles are the logical mounting platform for Wi-Fi equipment. Light poles are already located in close proximity to people and their vehicles. But what if light poles are powered intermittently? Many light poles are powered only at night, when the lights are needed. This poses a significant challenge to network designers who require 24/7 power to their equipment. One choice is to reconfigure light poles for continuous AC power. This solution would defeat the purpose of controlling the power to light poles by master photocell or timers to conserve energy. A better alternative is a power extender designed to allow the use of intermittently powered light poles. A power extender supplies cost effective, renewable primary power during the daylight hours and performs a fast-recharge using the AC power at night.

Retail Opportunities

Outdoor W-Fi networks coupled with effective smartphone enabled apps can dramatically strengthen store relationships with customers. The app-enabled shopping experience starts in the parking lot when the customer drives into the outdoor Wi-Fi network. By providing customized shopper experiences with coupons, directions and even daily specials, mall and shopping center owners acquire an additional revenue source.


Wireless security systems retrofitted to an existing network is a fast and cost-effective way to enable surveillance of people and vehicles, as well as outdoor inventory and assets.


Light poles are an ideal platform for mounting active Wi-Fi equipment. Deploying Wi-Fi in outdoor environments is easier and more reliable when IT network designers are not limited to light poles without intermittent power. A power extender gives you the ability to choose from all available light poles, even those that do not have power 24 hours a day, for an optimized, high-performance network.

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