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Established in 2004, mWave Industries, LLC, designs and manufacturers standard and custom microwave antenna products for commercial and government applications spanning the scientific, defense, and academic communities. With the addition of its Gabriel and Mark antenna lines, mWave specializes in parabolic grids, solid parabolic antennas and feeds including conscan and monopulse designs. MWave’s additional product offerings consist of micro-strip array’s, horns, helices, sectors, omnidirectional antennas and waveguide arrays.

Featured Solution

Featured Solution

mWave Industries QuickFire Solution

  • Spread Spectrum – Unlicensed 5 GHz Band
  • Public Safety – Licensed 4.9 GHz Band
  • Solids & High Performance
  • mWAVE – Gabriel "Best In Class" Quality and Dependability
  • Type "N" Female Connector, 50 ohm
  • QuickFire™ feeds allow for easy installation and inspection
  • mWAVE – Gabriel antennas meet or exceed Standard ANSI/TIA-222
  • 2-foot (0.6-m) models are supplied with mWAVE – Gabriel's Patented Quick Align Mount™
  • The feed assembly on 2-ft (0.6-m) models are front insertable

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4.940-5.850 GHz High Performance Parabolic Antenna (PDF)
4.940-5.850 GHz QuickFire Parabolic Antenna (PDF)


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