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Urbanista brings patterns to your everyday outfit by adding a graphic print on the best seller earphone San Fransisco. With bright pastel colors and graphic patterns Urbanista headphones are perfect for the summer.

At the gym or in the street, every beat, clarity without compromise. Urbanista designs for life in motion. Urbanista portfolio includes products ideal for sport, music, and lifestyle. All influenced by the Scandinavian design tradition where they have their roots.

Featured Product Lines


Featured Product Lines

Urbanista Wired Headset - RIO
Urbanista Rio Sport Earphones (Coral Island Turquoise) with a GoFit wing design, ensure a secure fit during your workout. Built in microphone and and remote button that allows you to take calls anywhere you go.

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Urbanista Wired Headset - San Francisco
The Urbanista San Francisco multi-functional headphones (Blue Petroleum) are ideal for everyday use.

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Urbanista Wireless Headset - Boston
URBANISTA Boston (Urban Hightlight) sporty and ergonomically designed GoFit earbuds and water repellant features (IPX5 certified) are only matched by the fact that its Bluetooth features makes your workout wireless and tangle-free.

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Urbanista Wireless Headset - Seattle
With Seattle Bluetooth Headphones (Rose Gold) you don't have to compromise on style or quality. With its crisp sound and impressive bass, you'll get an extraordinary listening experience.

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Urbanista Berlin Bluetooth Earphones REVIEW


Wear your music and keep your life in motion with
the Berlin Bluetooth Earphones from Urbanista.


If you’ve ever read my reviews on earbuds, you will know that I constantly have issues with them. They fall out of my ears, don’t provide a solid sound, or they just cause my ears to hurt. Whatever the case may be, I simply don’t have good luck with them. In fact, the only ones I’ve ever had ‘good’ luck with are the Apple EarPods. I happen to have the ear shape that is most conducive to that style of earbud and I always find myself hooking up my wired headphones from Apple over using a wireless version. All that has changed now that I’ve found the Berlin Bluetooth Earphones from Urbanista.

Urbanista is a swedish-based company that strives to create products that make life better for modern people in urban environments. They work to provide affordable solutions of high-quality audio accessories. From what I’ve seen so far, they are succeeding.

The Berlin headphones come in a really nice package. The box has a magnetic closure and is clearly marked with the model and color that is included in the box. This might seem like a little thing, but to me, I really like the fact that the box color reflects the color of the earphones. For example, I have the Rose Gold color and the outside of the box is a shade of pink. To me, this makes it easier for consumers when they are looking for a specific color on a shelf.


The shape of the earbud is very similar to the Apple EarPod. There aren’t any ear gels included to make your earbuds ‘fit’ your ears. Instead, there is a soft silicone covering on the hard plastic earbud. These aren’t ‘true’ wireless earbuds because there is a cable that connects the two earpieces together. There is an inline controller on the right ear side of the cable. This controller includes the multifunction button (power on/off, answer/hang up play/pause), volume up/down, and a Micro USB port got charging the headphones. The Berlin earphones have a standby time of 300 hours and approximately 4.5 hours talk/listening time on a fully charged battery.  The two earpieces are magnetic on the back so that you can clasp them together when they aren’t in use. With the cable that joins the two ear pieces together, the pair hangs neatly from your neck and you don’t have to worry about losing them.


I find the earphones to be comfortable until you wear them for hours at a time. I actually fell asleep with them on at one point. I did find that one spot in my ear started to ache a bit when I had worn them for more than 2 hours, but since I feel like I will use these for more ‘active’ moments, I don’t think that an earache will be a consistent problem. The headphones provide a very clear, deep sound. Aside from the ambient noise leak — because these aren’t noise canceling headphones — I would actually put the sound quality up against my more premium on-ear headphones. The sound quality is that good.


I am very happy to have found the Berlin Bluetooth Earphones from Urbanista. They are the headphones I’ve been searching for for a very long time.

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