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State & Local Government

Your Total Source® for making wireless work.

TESSCO has the products, solutions, and purchasing vehicles you need for your critical communications. From mobile communications to Intelligent Transportation Systems, let us help you solve the challenges of building and maintaining a reliable network.

The Top Reasons to Make TESSCO Your Total Source®

Our Products & Partners
We provide the broadest, most comprehensive product portfolio in the wireless industry.

As a part of our customer promise to help you design the right end-to-end solutions, we work with respectable, reliable manufacturing partners. Our product teams constantly review and manage their portfolio to ensure we have the latest products you need for your network.

Judge us by the company we keep, see our full line of manufacturing partners.
Our Diversity Programs
TESSCO's goal is to create a business environment that is committed to diversity spending. We are dedicated to developing relationships with diverse suppliers (comprised of MBE, WBE and DVBE), HUBzone Small Business Concerns, Section 8(a) and Tribal entities.

TESSCO creates alliances with select Diversity-Based Business partners to help them obtain government orders and deliver wireless products and integrated solutions.

Contact us about becoming a diversity partner.
Our Team & Track Record
TESSCO has led the way for the wireless industry for more than 30 years because we attract and retain passionate professionals. Our Government Team members not only understand wireless, but are experts on working with government requirements. Our Technical Support team is available to back you up when selecting the right product, or putting together the right solution.

Rely on the TESSCO Team to support your wireless needs. Contact us today.
Our Contract Vehicles & Supply Chain Expertise
We understand that finding the right product is only the beginning. TESSCO has many contract vehicles to support your project needs and simplify your procurement processes, including three GSA schedules.

In addition, our world-class supply chain solutions make it easy for you to consolidate purchases and reduce total costs. We guarantee outstanding service and support; complete, on-time and error-free delivery; and risk-free purchases that help you stay on schedule and on budget.

Learn more about our contract vehicles.
Our Integrator Program
TESSCO provides unique benefits to resellers and integrators working with federal, state, and local agencies. We create alliances with select integrator partners, offering unique business, financing and marketing tools. Our integrator partners can rely on:
  • Certified technical support
  • Industry-leading customer service
  • Returns and warranty management
  • Dedicated sales and service team for our government market
  • Customized site kitting
  • Access to a broad and deep product line of wireless products

Contact us to learn more about our government integrator program.

Current Contract List

TESSCO directly participates in over 100 federal, state, and local contracts. Find the most recent list here. (last updated November 2016).

We're adding more contracts every day. If you don't see your purchasing contract listed, feel free to drop us a note at to find out if we have recently added it.

Learn More About These Systems That TESSCO Supports for Government

Remote Monitoring & Control

Monitoring & Control

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), automated meter reading (AMR/AMI), and Positive Train Control (PTC).

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Wi-Fi Networks


Delivering reliable coverage and sufficient bandwidth to keep up with the ever increasing number of connected devices used everyday.

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Two-Way & Critical Communications

In Vehicle & Mobile Communications 

These mobile, fixed, and temporary networks enable public safety professionals and businesses to communicate at all times.

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Private Wireless Connectivity


Cost effective and efficient alternatives to wired networks.

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Coverage & Capacity

Ensure that you and your customers have the coverage and capacity necessary to stay connected.

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State & Local Contract Vehicles

TESSCO has many State and Local Government contract vehicles to support your project needs and simplify your procurement processes.

National Purchasing Partners (NPPs), also d.b.a., Fire Rescue Group Purchasing Organization also d.b.a., Public Safety Group Purchasing Organization
What Is NPP?

National Purchasing Partners (NPP) is a group purchasing organization offering organizations and associations access to a contract portfolio with world-class vendors.

NPP is a member-based GPO with over 200,000 member organizations in public and private sectors. Membership for all members is free and voluntary; there is no cost to join and no obligation to participate.

The NPP, in partnership with the International Association of Fire Chiefs, has awarded TESSCO a contract to provide Public Safety Communications Equipment to fire and rescue, law enforcement, medical service, and local and state government organizations.

Who Can Participate?

All NPP Public Safety, fire and rescue, and government members are eligible to participate. NPP membership is free and voluntary.

If your organization would like more information about NPP, or to join, go to

Why Should You Participate?
  • Simplify your procurement with the use of a contract vehicle.
  • Take advantage of volume discounts and pre-negotiated terms and conditions.
  • Gain access to the best brands in the wireless industry.
  • Cover all your wireless needs in one place—the NPP contract covers all products in TESSCO's catalog.

Get Started

To take advantage of TESSCO's contract, complete the below participating agreement and return it to or

Participating Agreement
Contact the TESSCO Team with questions:

Western States Contracting Alliance

TESSCO is an authorized supplier on the WSCA (Western States Contracting Alliance) Contract of RFS cable, connectors, antennas, and tower accessories. This means that all RFS products are available to all State and Local Government buying entities at very aggressive, competitive bid pricing.

The primary purpose of WSCA is to establish a means by which participating states can join together in cooperative multi-state contracting to achieve cost-effective and efficient acquisition of quality products and services. All government entities within the WSCA states are welcome to use the approved agreements as well as authorized governmental entities in non-WSCA states.

Please contact your state central procurement organization for the status of your state or contact the Government Team at 1-866-352-9654 or

GSA Disaster Recovery Plan

In the event of Disaster Recovery, ALL state and local agencies are eligible to purchase on ALL GSA-awarded schedules under the Disaster Recovery Act.
Browse Products on TESSCO's GSA contracts.
See TESSCO's Disaster Recovery Solutions.

The 1122 Program, which allows State and Local agencies access to more Federal Supply Service offerings, has been expanded to include additional schedules, including TESSCO's Hardware Superstore Schedule 51V and Scientific Equipment and Services Schedule 66.
For more information about the 1122 Program, please visit the U.S. GSA web site.

For more information contact TESSCO by phone or by email.

Existing Customers: 866-352-9654 | New to TESSCO: 866-352-9655

We look forward to doing business with you!


Supporting Our Customers' Tier 2 Purchasing Requirements

If diversity spending is important to you, see how TESSCO can support your wireless needs. We help our customers meet their diversity spending requirements by developing relationships between organizations who have diversity requirements and those who have diversity qualifications.

TESSCO simplifies your procurement process by combining our product knowledge and supply chain excellence with our diversity partners' experience. TESSCO is Your Total Source® for developing, deploying, and maintaining your communications networks.

TESSCO's Diversity Commitment

TESSCO's goal is to create a business environment that is committed to diversity spending. We are dedicated to developing relationships with diverse organizations (comprised of MBE, WBE and DVBE), Small Business, Section 8(a) and Tribal entities.

Our diversity program takes shape in three ways:

  • Developing Alliances With Diversity Partners
  • Supporting Our Customers' Tier 2 Purchasing Requirements
  • Buying From Diversity Suppliers
Buying From Diversity Suppliers

In addition to supporting our customers' requirements, and helping diversity partners win government business, TESSCO is committed to developing relationships directly with diverse suppliers (comprised of MBE, WBE and DVBE), Small Business, Section 8(a), and Tribal entities.

We strive to ensure that diverse suppliers are afforded every opportunity to compete to become a supplier to TESSCO. We also work with our entire vendor portfolio to understand their utilization of diverse suppliers.

TESSCO targets diverse businesses to participate in professional services, such as:

  • Wireless Products
  • Legal Services
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Personnel
  • Property Management
  • Design and Construction
  • Technology and Automation
  • Supplies and Equipment

If you are a certified supplier interested in establishing a relationship with TESSCO, p lease complete our Diverse Suppliers form.

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