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Tessco Supply Chain Management: Ensuring Security in Supply

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The Background

A manufacturer in China is facing increasingly high costs to ship and distribute its product to local retailers in the United States and Europe. Logistics planning presents an overwhelming task, dwarfing core competency operations, while rising transportation costs are affecting the bottom line. Seeking a solution, through comprehensive due diligence, the manufacturer realizes that by teaming with a third party partner with robust and proven supply chain architecture already in place to operate and manage its logistics and distribution network, the company’s costs will not only decrease, but revenues will increase as well. In addition, the manufacturer will be relieved from diverting production resources to delivery execution, reducing manpower costs while improving productivity.

Tessco now offers supply chain management services for just this type of situation. Tessco is taking the expertise and reputation it has developed as the leading value-added distributor to the wireless world to supply chain management and fulfillment.

The Challenge

Supply chains are typically the foundation of successful business operations, serving as the primary channel for sourcing goods and materials and moving product to the customer base. Manufacturers and distributors choosing to go their own way in supply chain management often fall victim to fissures in their system, such as losing control, visibility, and proper management over inventory. When breakdowns in a supply chain occur, processes are disrupted, impeding operations and negatively impacting the bottom line by:

  • Reducing lean operation capabilities
  • Hindering cost control
  • Altering delivery schedules
  • Deteriorating order fulfillment efficiencies
  • Damaging brand integrity

Simply put, supply chain security is crucial to ensuring a healty operation.

The Solution

Outsourcing its supply chain can help an organization keep up with customer demand and keep operations flowing. The right outsourcing partner will provide demand and risk management—delivering supply chain visibility that will help in monitoring inventory levels, controlling lead times, and securing supply sources when needed—and will take the necessary measures to dependably deliver according to demand.

Tessco Fulfillment Helps Distributors Meet Demand

Everyone knows that Tessco architects and delivers product, setting the pace as the leading value-added distributor to the wireless world. Tessco supplies more than 50,000 products from more than 350 of the industry’s leading manufacturers to thousands of customers each year, ranging from private system operators to state and local governments, the federal government, system integrators, and resellers. Tessco offers solutions for everything from base station infrastructure to installation and testing tools, backhaul equipment, Wi-Fi, and more.

What may be less known is Tessco’s supply chain fulfillment capabilities. Whether your organization already has a supply chain management strategy in place or is a business that wants to implement a supply chain strategy without the headache of locating the ideal space and integrating expensive equipment, and/or employing qualified people to manage it, Tessco provides turnkey fulfillment services that can keep deliveries on time, operations flowing, and customers happy.

Tessco’s supply chain solutions begin with an assessment to understand your organizational structure, product requirements, and customer base. Boasting a professional staff with deep supply chain management experience to support the efficient moving of goods, Tessco will assess your unique needs and partner with you to help develop and/or augment your business’s supply chain. You already ship product to Tessco to sell. But with Tessco as your supply chain partner, you can route product to us for direct shipment to your customers, letting us serve as an extension of your business. With more than 460,000 square feet of warehouse at our disposal and TL 9000 certification—the communication industry’s highest standard for operational excellence—we have the capability to take title of invoice and extend credit while providing optimized supply chain visibility—tracking product from origin to destination and ensuring secure supply to meet demand.

With Tessco handling the logistics of your supply chain, you can be sure that your goods are packed, tracked, and delivered on time, all while you focus on the strengths that make you successful in your area of expertise.

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