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April 26, 2019

We’ve introduced several upgrades and new features to our website since its relaunch. On this page you’ll find a quick breakdown of the new tools and features you’ll find on the site, ongoing reports of recent updates, and helpful videos to make utilizing the site as easy as possible.

Have you noticed a feature or enhancement you’d like to see missing from the site? We’re asking for your help to identify the next set of updates we roll out to ensure the site works best for you, the customers. Please use our form to submit any feature enhancement recommendations you’d like to see in the future.

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Key Upgrades to

The Development Team has been hard at work further enhancing the user experience on the Tessco website. Our expert Chad Hall is here to tell you all about the most recent updates, including a redesigned cart experience.

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A Redesigned Cart Experience

  • Changes to the cart design include:
    • Natural ordering of products as opposed to grouping by In-Stock and Out of Stock
    • Order summary section to outline subtotal, shipping, and tax
    • Cart notification cleanup with smart tooltips
    • Easier removal of products
    • Quick quantity adjustments
    • Support for multiple custom jumpers
  • By default, the new cart experience will be disabled
  • Users will have the ability to switch to the new cart experience by using a toggle
  • Once the user has made a selection on their cart preference, their preference will be stored and used the next time the user visits the cart

Exposing List Price to Users Who Are Not Logged In

  • Users who are not logged in will see the current MSRP or list price
  • A customer must login in order to see their specific account pricing
  • The indicator of customer specific pricing is:
    • In the upper right-hand corner, the “Sign In” header changes to “Account”
    • Prices shown within search and the product detail pages will show the list price above
    • The customer will also see product availability

Instructional Videos

Please check out the videos below to make your navigation easier than ever.


Learn more about the new lists features on


Learn about the new cart on

Account Management

Take a deep dive into our Account Management tools on

Login & Registration Process

Learn more about the login and registration process.

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