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Smart City

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In the smart(er) city of tomorrow, instances of converging networks and supply connectivity from edge devices to data centers are increasing regionally, or at the edge. These FTTx networks will need to be designed with a plug and play mentality that offers flexibility and scalability while eliminating redundancy in the network.

Fueled by the 5G movement and IoT explosion, we are seeing edge devices being deployed on our city streets at tremendous rates. From public Wi-Fi hotspots and EV chargers to security cameras, small cells and gunshot sensors, most of these devices are migrating to vertical real estate in our cities. Without a vision and strategic plan to optimize our resources, these poles will be overloaded, causing aesthetic nightmares that force local council and service providers to race against the market.

In this session, we will share our thoughts on topics such as deployment considerations, technology solutions, and best practices across the globe. Our goal is to create solutions to the smart city trojan horse – smart poles.


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