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132-174 MHz 4-Way Power Splitter, N/F

  • TESSCO SKU: 78442
  • UPC: 729198784423
  • MFG PART #: PS-1504/N

TELEWAVE's PS-1504/N receiver power splitter provides 50 Ohm receiver outputs from one input. The antenna port is tuned with a matching network to insure abalanced input. Since the input signal is split evenly between all ports, the available signal at each output port will be 6 dB below the input. For this reason, a preamp is generally used to compensate for coupler and cable losses. These rugged, compact splitters are commonly used in RX multicouplers, and are not intended to be used with transmitters.

Technical Specs

  • Size (in.)
    2.7 x 1.5 x 4.8
  • Minimum Isolation
    20 dB
  • Description
    132-174 Mhz four-waypower splitter. -6.2dB system loss through the splitter. Not designed for transmitter power levels.
  • Loss
    6.2 dB
  • Manufacturer
    Telewave, Inc.
  • RF Connectors
    N Female
  • Split
  • Maximum Power
    500 W
  • Qty/ Uom
    1 Each
  • Maximum VSWR
  • Frequency Range
    132-174 MHz