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Wilmore Electronics Co. Inc.
500 VA DC-AC Inverter, 24VDC, U Version
TESSCO SKU: 228258
UPC: 228258
QTY/UOM: 1/each
MFG PART #: 1745-24-120-60-L

WILMORE's 1745-24-120-60-L conservatively rated, electrically rugged and highly effi cient, the Model 1745 provides a regulated, frequency-stable, 120 VAC sinewave output at up to 500 VA. Standard versions of the inverter permit operation from 12, 24, 48 or 130 V station batteries or other widely fluctuating DC sources in ambient temperatures up to 50 deg. C with only simple convection cooling. The inverter's low-distortion sine-wave output makes it particularly well-suited for powering sensitive electronic loads, such as telecommunication and data processing equipment (with or without power-factor-corrected power supplies), as well as loads normally considered difficult for inverters, such as small motors. The Model 1745 is available as a plain inverter or, optionally, as an inverter that features built-in automatic load switchover capability to permit operation in UPS or stand-by power modes. The 1.75 in (1U) rackmount package is compatible with both 19 in and 23 in standard equipment racks. Standard versions provide 60 Hz sine wave outputs. 50 Hz models are also available