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Co-Locating Mount for RPSMA AP and WiFi Antennas

  • TESSCO SKU: 520901
  • UPC: 729198688325

Ventev’s TerraWave Co-Locating Mount for RPSMA access points (AP) and TerraWave antennas is an elegant solution designed to simplify deployments, improve network performance, and to present an aesthetic appearance. Deployments are simplified by co-locating both AP and antenna, and through elimination of long coaxial cable runs between AP and external antenna. Network performance is improved through the antenna mounting tray that articulates +/- 25 degrees for precise beam positioning, and by placing the access point and antenna inches apart to reduce signal attenuation. Aesthetic appeal is achieved by concealing the AP, and by a cable management system that hides the cables from view. The mount hosts all Aruba 100, 200, and 300 series indoor access points, Aerohive’s 121, 230, 330, and 390 access points, and Samsung’s 303e and 403e access points. Every TerraWave product is RoHS compliant, and is covered by Ventev’s two-year TerraNet warranty program. For more information, contact a regional sales executive at 210-375-8482, 800-851-4965 or, or visit

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Technical Specs

  • Manufacturer
    Ventev / TerraWave
  • Description
    Co-Locating Mount for RPSMA Access Points and Co-Located Antennas
  • Antenna Mount Type
    2-Point Bracket
  • Qty/ Uom
    1 Each