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JMA Wireless
Low Power POI mod, Simplex ENH for 1710-2180 MHz
TESSCO SKU: 216573
UPC: 216573
QTY/UOM: 1/each

JMA's low power active POI module for high band, MIMO, simplex ENH. Supports 1710 – 2180 MHz. Active low-power POI is optimized for low-power eNodeB Solutions. MIMO solution per module. Supports up to 12 sectors per subrack. 30 dB attenuation with 0.25 dB steps. DL RF meter for power control / monitoring. RS485 interface for future eNodeBs integration. Light and cost-effective installation. Integral LNA in UL to allow additional optimization. Teko active POI modules are flexible RF interfaces connected to the signal source (BS, off-air repeater) via coaxial cable. They are equipped with remote-controlled attenuators for downlink and uplink RF levels adjustment via the coverage system supervision module and management tools. The active POI provides automatic power limiting with alerts automatically monitoring operator input power and attenuating (with alarms) to maintain RF coverage and balance across multiple POI inputs.