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Modular Triplexer 600-700/PCS/AWS 40W 4.3-10
TESSCO SKU: 225948
UPC: 225948
QTY/UOM: 1/each
MFG PART #: MCC200-301

The MCC200-x01 filter modules are in 4 popular multiband combinations. These filter modules are IP67 rated. Low band ports, where applicable, support down to 617 MHz. AWS ports support full AWS-1 and AWS-3 Bands. Other Band combinations can be added and are available upon request. The MCC200 is a 6RU rack-mount enclosure that accommodates up to (8) filter combiner modules. In a 4-operator scenario, these could be considered 2-sector SISO or 1-sector 2x2 MIMO. In cases where there are only two operators, a single MCC100 subrack can house all filter combiners for an entire 4x4 MIMO application. All Radio inputs are accessible from the front. Rear interfaces are for interconnection with the wide band hybrid combiner. Modular Filter Combiners can be added to the Subrack for carrier/operator adds or replaced as new service bands come to market.

Technical Specs