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RMCU 50 Rack Mount Control Unit for Bridgewave

  • TESSCO SKU: 326991
  • UPC: 888063269912

The RMCU is designed to automatically locate friendly communication links, optimize bandwidth and signal strength, and subsequently track without any user input (upon power-up). Managing the system from your Network Operations Center is assured with significant local and remote management capabilities via secured Internet Protocol, thus significantly reducing the technical skill sets required.

The RMCU is configured with customer specific radios along with a large selection of pre-configured antenna selections. Radio/antenna combinations are expandable upon request. GPS is not an integral component of the system and is not provided as a standard product but is also available upon request. The solution does not require integration at the data transport level eliminating overhead and/or security issues.

Technical Specs

  • Protocol
    Telnet, SSH, TCP/IP
  • Description
    Rack Mount Control Unit for use with 50lb Payload Positioning Unit. Configured for operation with Bridgewave narrow beam radios
  • Manufacturer
    Broadband Antenna Tracking
  • Qty/ Uom
    1 Each