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RMM-1447 with verizon SIM for ATC US

  • TESSCO SKU: 208095
  • UPC: RMM-1447-VZW
  • MFG PART #: RMM-1447-VZW

The RMM-1447 is the remote monitoring and control device base system. The RMM-1447 is also available with an RMB-1 or rack mount RMB-2 expansion alarm collector.

Kentrox Remotes are cost-effective site management solutions for small sites or locations where a limited number of systems require integration. The RMM-1447 provides four serial and four Ethernet ports and supports the Remote RMB-1 and Remote RMB-2 to provide more than 80 I/O ports. The RMM-1447 includes Ethernet connectivity and is orderable with integrated GSM or CDMA wireless for data network connectivity. The RMB-1 and RMB-2 connects to the RMM-1447 via Ethernet to provide alarm, sensor, and control interfaces for site management.

In power management applications, the remote RMM-1447 can continually monitor a generator's status and fuel levels. The remote will generate an alarm to the service provider or tower operator of degraded generator efficiency or potential fuel theft. The RMM-1447 can also be utilized to understand who is entering a site by generating an alarm which identifies the specific area accessed.

Technical Specs

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    Westell, Inc.
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    1 Each
  • Description
    RMM-1447 with verizon SIM for ATC US