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SmartOTU Starter Kit

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VIAVI's SmartOTU is an easy-to-deploy, scalable solution that monitors fibers used in all types of optical networks.

Maintaining fiber integrity is critical, yet outages are still one of the major causes of network disruption, incurring millions of dollars of lost revenue. And, incidents of accidental dig-ups, vehicle collisions, and sabotage multiply as fiber moves deeper into data centers and storage area networks.

Combining a Viavi Solutions® optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) with advanced optical-switch technology, SmartOTU monitors fibers longer than 150 km in all directions. Modular in design, it monitors both dark and lit fiber and it is ideal for network security protection, pinpointing events such as fiber tapping to a few tenths of a decibel. SmartOTU is a standalone remote fiber test solution that can be deployed right out of the box with no training or IT configuration required.

The VIAVI SmartOTU Starter Kit includes:

MAINFRAME OTU8000 - Front Power Input E98SmartOTU - Smart OTU Software
OPTIONS E98ACDC - AC/DC Converter E98Kit19 - 19" Rack Mounting Kit for OTU8000
OTDR E8115C - OTDR Module C 1550nm EUNIAPCSC - Universal APC Connector with SC Adapter
SWITCH E98X12 - Optical Switch 1x12 Plug-in Module (SC/APC)

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