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weBoost Drive 4G-X RV Cellular Signal Booster

  • TESSCO SKU: 205175
  • UPC: 811815024859
  • MFG PART #: 470410

WEBOOST 470410 Drive 4G-X RV is our powerful in-vehicle cell phone signal booster kit certified for use anywhere in the US. The Drive 4G-X RV boosts voice and data with max FCC-allowed 50 dB system gain, enhancing 4G LTE, as well as 3G network signals, up to 32x. RVers get fewer lost connections and dead zones, better call quality as well as faster data uploads and downloads whether parked or in-motion in their RV. Works in all classes of RV; Class A, Class C and all towables. As with all weBoost boosters, all components needed come in one package for easy DIY installation. This includes inside and outside antennas, coax cables with connectors pre-installed and both a 110V AC wall plug and a 12V fused DC hardwire power supply. The Drive 4G-X RV works with all cellular devices, on all U.S. carriers, simultaneously.All weBoost boosters come with a 2-year warranty.

Boosts 4G LTE & 3G for RVs For multiple devices and users Works on ALL phones with ALL carriers Works both when parked AND in-motion Enhances talk, text, and high-speed 4G LTE internet

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Technical Specs

  • Manufacturer
  • RF Connector
    SMA Female
  • Prop 65: Does the product contain any Prop 65 chemicals?
  • Maximum Gain
    50 dB
  • Prop 65: Is product Prop 65 compliant?
  • Prop 65: If product contains Prop 65 chemicals, is a warning on the packaging?
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    1 Each