Advanced PIM Certification - Single seat
Kaelus - Advanced PIM Certification - Single seat
TESSCO SKU : 348572 Mfg Part #: ADVANCED PIM-OE Qty/UOM : 1 EACH UPC: 348572
REFERENCE SKU for quoting a single seat in an Open Enrollment class. Contact TESSCO at 1-800-472-7373 for scheduling and to order seats.

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Class TypeOpen Enrollment at Regional Locations
DescriptionSingle seat in 1 day open enrollment class held at a TESSCO approved location. Maximum number of students is 10. THIS SKU FOR REFERENCE ONLY. Read course OUTLINE
LocationSee class schedule & locations bottom of this page.
More InformationCall TESSCO at 800-472-7373 for scheduling and class information.
Course OverviewPassive Intermodulation Measurements (PIM) testing is now a standard for radio site commissioning and certification. PIM has been around since the beginning of radio communication and has become a major performance issue for wireless carriers in recent years. Wireless broadband and 4G networks along with utilities, government agencies and private users are converging to higher data rates with higher spectral bandwidth requirements which drive the necessity to reduce PIM at radio sites. Wireless carriers now require PIM testing and certification of all new sites as well as testing existing installations in an effort to increase call quality and reduce lost data.

  • Available as a private-class at customer's location or open enrollment (single-seat purchase) in any scheduled class.

private class scheduling & pricing
  • Private classes booked less than 2 weeks prior to class date will be assessed an additional $250
  • Private classes booked less than 1 week prior to class date will be assessed an additional $500

2016 Open enrollment schedule
  • Mar 15 St. Louis MO
  • Jun 1 Reno NV
  • Mar 29 Hunt Valley MD
  • Jul 5 Hunt Valley MD
  • Apr 26 Reno NV

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Advanced PIM Certification - Private class
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Advanced PIM Certification - Private class

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