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1/2GSA Item
CommScope - 1/2" 50 Ohm Superflex Coax Cable
TESSCO SKU : 430174 Mfg Part #: FSJ4-50B Qty/UOM : 1 FOOT UPC: 646444301749
The Andrew FSJ4-50B 1/2 inch 50 Ohm coax cable is superflexible and less prone to kinks because of its spiral copper corrugated outer conductor. The superflex cable features a 1.25 inch bending radius. This coaxial cable transmission line has a copper-clad aluminum center conductor. Maximum frequency capacity is 10.2 GHz.

The Andrew 1/2 inch superflexible coax cable is available in bulk and is priced per foot.

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GS-35F-0548P70 - Information Technology
Peak Power15.6 kW
DC Resistance (ctr/shld) Ohms0.82/1.00
VOP81 %
Capacitance Per Foot25.2 pF
Inductance0.0625 µH/ft
Outer Conductor MaterialCopper
Inner ConductorCopper Clad Aluminum
Diameter Over Jacket0.52 in
Bending Moment2 lb-ft
Minimum Bending Radius1.25 in
Tensile Strength175 lb
Flat Plate Crush Strength110 PSI
RF Impedance50 Ohms
Cable Weight Per Foot0.14 lb
Strip ToolAuto#453135/Man#470164
DC Breakdown Voltage2500 V
Mid-Span Strip Tool--
Average Power @ 30 MHz5.75 kW
Average Power @ 50 MHz4.42 kW
Average Power @ 450 MHz1.38 kW
Average Power @ 800 MHz1.01 kW
Average Power @ 894 MHz0.947 kW
Average Power @ 960 MHz0.909 kW
Attenuation/100 ft @ 30 MHz0.557 dB
Attenuation/100 ft @ 50 MHz0.724 dB
Attenuation/100 ft @ 150 MHz1.28 dB
Attenuation/100 ft @ 450 MHz2.31 dB
Attenuation/100 ft @ 824 MHz3.23 dB
Attenuation/100 ft @ 894 MHz3.38 dB
Attenuation/100 ft @ 960 MHz3.52 dB
Attenuation/100 ft @ 1700 MHz4.88 dB
Attenuation/100 ft @ 1920 MHz5.24 dB
Attenuation/100 ft @ 2.0 GHz5.37 dB
Mfg. Warranty10 Years

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