Mobile Antennas & Amplifiers

Mobile Antennas & Amplifiers

TESSCO offers a complete selection of mobile antennas and amplifiers to support your in-vehicle communications and M2M applications. Our offer includes mobile antennas, antenna mounts, amplifiers and accessories. Our broad product selection from the industry's top manufacturers combined with our deep inventory availability makes TESSCO a go-to source.


Mobile Antennas

enhance, transmit and receive signals, improving in-vehicle performance across all radio frequencies.

Mobile Antenna Accessories

include the brackets, adapters, coils, bases, whips, and springs to help you get the job done right.

Mobile Antenna Mounts

fit a wide variety of uses in vehicles, marine applications, recreation vehicles, and in-buildings.

Mobile Amplifiers

enhance cellular coverage, reduce dropped calls, and amplify in areas of weak RF signals.



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