Broadband Radios

Broadband Radios

TESSCO offers the most comprehensive selection of wireless broadband radios for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, mesh, and SCADA applications. We make it easy to do business via our complete services offering including our capable technical support, System Design, Training and Financing. TESSCO is Your Total Source® for Broadband solutions.


Point-to-Point Radios

or point-to-point broadband is an ideal solution for many unique applications: hot spots, backhaul, security/surveillance and more.

Point-to-Multipoint Radios

multiple locations to one central point in applications such as public safety, hospitals, business, and more.

Mesh Networks

instantly deploy wireless networks to easily connect your network to printers, servers, surveillance cameras, and more.

Private Network Data Radios

gather real-time data, so you can wirelessly monitor or control equipment in pipelines, plants, refineries, and more.

Broadband System Accessories

like antenna tracking systems can locate, maintain and continuously optimize connections between wireless broadband access points.

Cellular Gateways/ Routers/Automation

for broadband radios support and provide real-time data for your network whether in public safety, security, remote monitoring, or more.



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