DAS, BDAs, Cell Phone Signal Boosters & Amplifiers

DAS, BDAs, Cell Phone
Signal Boosters & Amplifiers

DAS, BDAs and Cell Phone Signal Boosters enhance wireless capacity and coverage inside buildings, public venues and vehicles, where up to 80% of mobile device traffic originates and terminates. TESSCO is Your Total Source® for a complete line of active and passive solutions for DAS, BDAs, cell phone signal boosters and amplifiers.


Cell Phone Signal Booster Kits

provide enhanced coverage of 3G and/or 4G services in homes and small offices (SOHO) for voice and data applications.


amplify band-selective or multi-band RF signals in the uplink, to the base station for enhanced signals and improved coverage.

Active DAS Components

distribute RF signal to multiple antenna nodes, enhancing coverage and capacity of an indoor structure or geographic area.

LMR Power Amplifiers

are used to increase the output power of a LMR base or mobile radio for improved coverage.

Passive Components

are parts of an RF system that do not require external power. Most often, they are used to split or combine RF signals.

RF Over Fiber


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