TESSCO offers a wide selection of specialty and general-purpose tools to help your team build, install, and maintain your communications network. We have specialty prep tools for coaxial cable, fiber, waveguide, and telecom; and we also offer professional-grade, general-purpose tools ranging from screwdrivers and drills, to flashlights. Our broad selection, quick delivery, competitive pricing, and custom kitting capabilities make it easy to procure the tools you need.


Coaxial Cable Prep Tools

are critical for properly stripping, crimping, cutting, preparing and maintaining data and communication networks.

Fiber Optic Prep Tools

are essential for installing thousands of fibers in a single cable with a potential bandwidth in the terabytes per second.

Datacom & Telecom Prep Tools

are pertinent to setting up networks that provide for transmission of information.

Hand Tools

will increase efficiency on the job to save time and money with an assortment of tools available for every application.

Power Tools

such as cordless drills, electric drills, power saws, accessories, generators, wet/dry vacs and more will keep any site humming.

Flashlights & Lighting

solutions for MSHA, tactical, remote area, emergency, and general applications will brighten up your work space.

Tool Kits & Cases

provide high-quality tools and the needed protection to hold up against the demanding conditions of field service use.

Soldering & Workstations

can be customized to enable safe, efficient, and productive work and rework.

Waveguide Prep Tools

are for the 3.4 to 26.5 GHz frequency range. The corrugated copper walls provide excellent crush strength and good flexibility.



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