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One Port Simplicity

The Lightning Port does it all on the iPhone 7 and 7+, from charging to data transfer to audio. Capitalize on this unique opportunity to sell a must-have add on with a variety of Bluetooth headphones and speakers for every lifestyle.

Picture Perfect

The new iPhone 7+ introduces a dual lens rear camera for higher definition, improved clarity, and images unlike anything produced by a phone before. This means users will be clamoring for memory, extra Lightning cables, and selfie sticks to get the right angle.

Stay Protected

Updates to the iPhone 7 and 7+ mean every user will need a new case. Changes to the cameras on both models and the addition of a new speaker in place of the headphone jack offer the chance to add-on protection made to maximize enjoyment, minimize risk, and highlight the streamlined design of their brand-new device.

Stay Charged

The usual excitement of using a new device, combined with Bluetooth headphones and a camera that will have them snapping more pictures, will mean a rapidly drained battery. Back up batteries, battery cases, car chargers, and more ensure your customers get uninterrupted access to their new iPhone.

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