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Logistics & Operational Services

At Tessco, we can deliver exceptional order accuracy and on-time delivery by leveraging our state-of-the-art systems and facilities. Our operational footprint includes both owned facilities and partner locations, which are fully integrated to meet our customers’ requirements. Tessco’s flexible capacity, including facilities, people, and systems, is designed to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Value-Added Operational Services

We deliver an array of value-added services tailored to your needs. From warehousing, transportation, and stocking models, our list of services covers all the bases. Let us help you by leveraging our strengths to remove the complexities you face day-to-day.

Material Configuration and Logistics
Material Configuration & Logistics
Sit Kitting and Labeling
Site Kitting & Labeling
Optimized Freight Based on Transportation Management System
Optimized Freight Based on Transportation Management System
Consolidated Shipments to Optimize Freight Costs
Consolidated Shipments
to Optimize Freight Costs
In-Market Pickup Point/Market Facing Warehouse
In-Market Pickup Point/Market Facing Warehouse
Integration Services
Integration Services
(Rack/Stack, Activations)
Reduced Administration Cost
Reduced Administration Cost
Cable Cutting and Assembly
Cable Cutting & Assembly
Jumper Manufacturing
Jumper Manufacturing

Operational Excellence

Our core operational excellence is to configure orders for complete, on-time delivery no matter when or where you’re located. Our distribution centers, located in Maryland and Nevada, have the capacity to process more than 5,000 shipments containing over 100,000 items each day.

How Does this Benefit You?

  • Offers capability to securely grow your business with the ability to scale with nationwide delivery from two warehouses (over 500K sq. ft.).
  • Increases ROI with on-time delivery (nationwide delivery in three days or less).
  • Eliminates shipping errors with quality control processes that ensure accuracy (ISO 9001 & TL 9000 certified).

For more information about Tessco’s logistics and operational services, contact your Account Manager or call 800.472.7373.

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