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Verizon Macrocell BOM Configurator

  • Easy-to-use platform
  • After populating the parts and quantities needed, there are two methods to import:
    • Download an excel document and send via email
    • Work directly on to order online
  • Includes over 70 product categories
  • Email downloaded quote to your Tessco account manager or send to the Verizon team at

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Verizon Minor Materials Distributor Direct Program

Imagine getting everything you need as a one-stop shop from a company known for its exceptional customer service and comprehensive wireless solutions. Tessco is the partner who can make it easier for you to solve the challenges you face. See the benefits you can qualify for below:

  • Dedicated Verizon Minor Materials Inventory
  • List of Verizon-Approved Bill of Materials
  • End-to-End Logistics Services
  • FREE Approved Diversity Program (including request reporting)
  • Access to Online Portal for Ordering
  • Creative Financial Arrangements
  • Industry’s Best On-Time Delivery Performance

No matter what stage you’re currently at within your project, we can help. Simply complete the form and get started!

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Supplier Diversity Program

If your contract with Verizon has a diverse spend requirement, we can work with you to help you achieve your goal! Did you know that certain purchases you make from Tessco will earn diversity credits, which you can report to Verizon?

Tessco currently sources several of our key manufacturer brands diversely, including CommScope, RFS, JMA, TEKO, PCTEL, and Westell – and we continue to add brands to the list. Your diversity spend is sourced from an entity that is certified by the NMSDC, WBENC, SBA, WOSB, HUB and the California Supplier Clearing House – we can provide you this diversity spend, which can then be uploaded into Verizon’s Stars Portal.

Best of all, we pass our supplier diversity efforts on to you for no additional charge. We do that because we believe that supporting diversity and doing our part to help build successful, diversely owned businesses is more than good business – it’s the right thing to do.

Upon quote requests for the Verizon Minor Materials program, please note sales tax exempt POs, projects, or exemptions. Sales tax certificates/documentation will be required to remove sales tax and/or establish exemptions upon order processing. Blanket exemptions are also eligible upon receipt of proper documentation. Reach out to the Tessco Tax Team at for additional information.

Your Verizon Diversity Spend

We collect your Verizon diversity spending data to make it easy for you to see how much credit you have already earned just by buying from us. We’ll send you an email with this information each quarter. To get your FREE diversity spending report, please contact us at

Entering Diversity Spend in Verizon’s Stars Portal

To make it easy for you to enter your Tier 3 diverse spending information from Tessco into Verizon’s Stars Portal we’ve put together step-by-step instructions.

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