The TESSCO Way is the foundation of how we run our business. It summarizes the values and principles that guide our actions and assure focus and consistency.

Fundamental Objective

Delivering what our customers consider as having superior value at ever-improving quantity, productivity, quality, timeliness and profitability.


Your Total Source® provider of integrated product plus supply chain solutions to professionals that design, build, run, maintain, or use wireless systems.

The Vital Link® in the supply chain linking customers with configured solutions from a choice of world-class manufacturers.

Basic Strategy

  • A Better Way of Doing Business
    Creating an easier, less costly and extremely satisfying method of buying and selling.

  • Broad and Diverse Customer Relations
    Serving many buying entities and individuals capable of purchasing monthly.

  • Broad and Deep Product Offering
    Providing a total source of products and services meeting customer requirements.

  • Artful, Scientific Marketing
    Building strong customer linkages on a vast scale, at a low cost.

  • Highest Quality/Lowest Cost Operations
    Achieving ever-improving results through strong people involvement, and extensive electronic assisted systems.

Business Values

... Lowest total cost. Greatest total value.

  • Win-Win
    Nurturing respectful, honest, caring and rewarding long-term business relationships with our customers, vendors, associates and each other.

  • Intense Customer Focus
    Providing services that produce the highest levels of value, results and satisfaction.

  • Higher, Faster, Stronger
    Striving to be the best with a consistent purpose, time compression and continuous improvement.

  • Teamwork and Leadership
    Working together, with a strong sense of urgency, to achieve productivity and effective results.

  • TESSCO Magic
    Creating a fun, enthusiastic, showcase environment that inspires individual involvement and development.

TESSCO's Promise to Our Customers

We promise to help you design the right end-to-end solutions and then to configure and deliver with speed reliability, productivity, and the lowest total cost.

  • Your Total Source® For Making Wireless Work
    TESSCO serves the wireless industry with a broad range of products and solutions from the most reputable manufacturing partners.

  • Complete, On-time and Error-free Delivery
    TESSCO provides confirmed product availability and delivery information, ensuring customers have the information needed to meet stringent project timelines.

  • Unmatched Service and Support
    TESSCO achieves long-term customer satisfaction by supporting customers with attentive customer service and technical support.

  • Risk-free Purchases
    Guaranteeing complete money-back delivery and product satisfaction for 30 days after shipment and then extensive warranty assistance.

  • Lowest Total Procurement Costs
    TESSCO reduces the sum total cost of product search and selection, order entry, purchase price, delivery, accounting, inventory and obsolescence.

Shareholder Promise

  • Superior Return on Capital
    Providing predictable financial returns by maximizing the long-term value of the firm.

  • Impeccable Business Standards
    Demanding behaviors which allow "glass house" ethical and legal inspection.

  • Timely Information
    Communicating visions, plans, results and concerns in a way the shareholders can become a part of our efforts before, as well as after, the fact.

  • Aggressive Innovation
    Applying existing technologies with new philosophies to improve performance and customer satisfaction.

  • Concerned Global Citizen
    Caring for the environment through "green" initiatives and community involvement.

TESSCO's Manufacturer Promise and Expectations

Manufacturer Promise
  • A Superior Channel of Distribution
    TESSCO will market, supply, support, and sell our manufacturer partners' products as part of a total customer solution to our broad, diverse and loyal customer base.

  • In-depth Inventory
    TESSCO will assure product availability and the most streamlined customer selection, purchase and procurement methods.

  • Meaningful Alliance
    TESSCO will collaborate with our manufacturer partners with continual improvement to build customer satisfaction, sales and profits.

  • Broad Product Exposure
    TESSCO will present and market products by effectively communicating applications, benefits, features and specifications.

  • Lowest Total Supply Chain Costs
    TESSCO will minimize transaction costs by providing the sum total of knowledge, delivery, production planning, order entry, order processing, inventory holding, shipping, credit, collection and warranty costs.

Manufacturer Expectation
  • Quality Products
    TESSCO's partners design, build and support quality products that meet or exceed our customers' expectations.

  • Demand Creation
    TESSCO's partners work collaboratively with TESSCO to stimulate product awareness through application of benefit-value information programs.

  • On-time Delivery
    TESSCO's partners understand and fulfill in compliance with the mutually agreeable TESSCO purchase order.

  • Return on Investment
    TESSCO's partners provide for a profitable relationship through appropriate gross margins, terms, policies and costs of doing business.

  • Partnership Philosophy
    TESSCO's partners recognize and support TESSCO's cooperative, value-add role in the marketing and distribution process.


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