Electronic Fund Transfer Process

Our electronic payment option offers a fast, efficient and secure way to process your transactions. Get started today!

Step 1: Get your account approved for EFT

If you currently have open terms with TESSCO, please proceed to Step 2. If you are not currently on open terms, please complete this Bank Reference (note: your account must be two years old and its average balance at least equal to the EFT $ limit).

Step 2: Pay for your order using EFT

Once you're authorized for EFT, simply complete the brief form below to arrange the transfer:

Bank Name:*
Bank Address:*
Bank Account #:*
Bank ABA #:*
Amount $:*
TESSCO Account #:*
Your Name:*
Invoice # (Optional):

Other Payment Options

If you are not approved for an EFT account or do not wish at this time to apply for one, TESSCO offers two other options for payment.

To make a payment over the phone:

(800)472-7373, ext. 1395

To send payment through postal mail:

TESSCO Incorporated
P.O. Box 102885
Atlanta, GA 30368-2885


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