In-Building Coverage Enhancement Worksheet

TESSCO is pleased to offer in-building design services for wireless professionals. With the experience of over 2000 in-building systems, we can find the right  solution for your project. To receive a project quote with antenna placements, please provide the following information – we’re unable to begin assessing your needs without all fields completed.

Please provide scaled drawings, blueprint, or a fire evacuation drawing with dimensions. You can either attach to the form below, or Email to

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Project Information

Cellular Enhancement

Please select Carrier for enhancement and complete all applicable information for that carrier.

Your design can't be started without accurate Signal Strengths. See Phone Test Mode PDF obtain signal strength readings.

AT&T Rooftop/Outdoor Signal Strength

Verizon Signal Strength

Sprint Signal Strength

T-Mobile Signal Strength

Other Carrier Signal Strength

Two-Way Radio Public Safety Enhancement

NFPA Compliance
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code requires public safety signal enhancement equipment to be enclosed with a 24-hour power backup, monitoring capabilities, and hardened enclosures. The NFPA codes and standards have been adopted in many localities and strict compliance may have a notable impact on system costs. TESSCO Technologies has found that the following design solutions meet the requirements of many localities that have adopted the NFPA codes and standards:

Bi-Directional Amplifiers:
  • NEMA 4X enclosures - RED in color
  • Alarm Contacts
Power Backup:
  • 24-hour battery
  • Cream/White NEMA 3X with fan and vent covers or NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Alarm Contacts for A/C power loss and low battery

TESSCO Technologies strongly advises all customers to consult with their local authority having jurisdiction for each specific project site to verify the specific local requirements, codes, and standards. 

VHF Frequency Pairs (150-174MHz)

UHF Frequency Pairs (380-512MHz)

Other Frequency Pairs 

700Mhz (758-805 Mhz)

800Mhz (806-869Mhz)

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