General FAQs

We are in the process of updating and improving our Frequently Asked Questions. Check back later and you will find a more robust, context-sensitive FAQ section.


  1. What is TESSCO's business?
    TESSCO is the leader in providing Your Total Source® solutions to the professionals that design, build, run, maintain and use wireless voice, data, messaging, location tracking and Internet systems. TESSCO links customers with integrated product plus supply chain solutions configured from product choices made by premier manufacturers. We offer more than 25,000 different products from over 300 manufacturers.
  2. How do I contact TESSCO?
    TESSCO is ready to help you! Contact Us.
  3. Will TESSCO keep my information private?
    TESSCO takes your privacy very seriously. Please review our Privacy Policy.
  4. What are my delivery costs?
    Delivery charges are based on weight rather than distance. You can calculate all costs to the penny before you place an order. See our latest Performance and Delivery Guarantee information for specific details on pricing and terms.
  5. What are the deadlines for online orders?
    Freight/Bulk orders: 3:00 PM Eastern Time, USA
    Parcel orders: 5:00 PM Eastern Time, USA
    (Value-added orders require voice contact with an account manager. Please call 1-800-472-7373.)


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