Crimping Tools

Splices. Lugs. Ground rod connectors. C-Taps. You have a job with a specification to apply a #8 to 4/0 AWG Non-Insulated copper connectors, or you have attached a guy wire to a tower and the specification for a 350 kcmil flex, or maybe you need to apply splices on #6 to 1,000 kcmil stranded copper.

Do you have the correct tool? Our experts can help by turning this headache into an easy, complete solution. TESSCO provides a broad array of hand- and battery-operated crimping tools to meet your jobs specifications.

Featured ProductsWireless Solutions Terminal Crimping Pliers

Insulated / Non-Insulated Terminal Crimp Solutions

Guaranteed for a lifetime, Wireless Solutions® precision Insulated & Non-Insulated Terminal Pliers feature a thin head with two marked crimp cavities for insulated and non-insulated solderless terminals and connectors.

Hand Operated Lug Crimpers

Designed to crimp smaller connectors, your K-Series crimping tool crimps all your popular small to mid-range copper connectors. Small, lightweight and easy to handle, this low-profile crimper allows accessibility in tight locations. The crimping head is hexagonal, which rotates color-coded dies that produce UL-classified and CSA-certified crimps. You have a choice of two models, non-ratcheting or ratcheting, both with rotatable color-coded dies for solid or stranded cooper wire, 8 AWG - 4/0 AWG.

Thomas & Betts Color-Key Compression Tool

The Thomas & Betts Color-Key Connector Tool installs copper lugs and connectors #8 to 500MCM. It installs code copper compression joints and small "C" taps for color-keyed connector compression to solid or stranded copper wire.

Heavy Duty Terminal Crimpers

Greenlee's Kwik Cycle 9" Terminal Die Sets feature crimp frames designed to manually crimp a wide variety of connectors and terminals to factory specifications. Each frame features a precision full-cycle ratchet, crimp release lever for accurate connector positioning, factory-preset tension adjustment, ergonomically-designed handle, and are manufactured from heat-treated, hardened tool steel. All die sets are easily interchangeable with a screwdriver.

TESSCO offers a comprehensive selection of hydraulic crimpers from Greenlee and Burndy that are ideal for your unique application. Call TESSCO at 800-472-7373 for the entire offering and your pricing.

Battery Operated Crimp Tool

The BURNDY PAT600-18V battery powered crimping tool provides six tons of crimping force, completing a crimp in approximately three seconds. The PAT600-18V is compact, easy to use, and is powered by nickel-hydride batteries. The specialized head allows interference-free closure on tap connections up to YHD-400 size, including 350 AL connectors. This tool can be used with all "W" and "W-VT" style dies located in the permanent D3 crimping groove. Installation applications include #8 AWG to 600 kcmil copper lugs and splices, #8 AWG to 350 kcmil aluminum lugs and splices (YA-A and YS-A), and up to 4/0 aluminum tap connections.

For more information contact TESSCO at 800-472-7373 or email us today.

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