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The importance of climbing safety cannot be overstated. Having the proper products and procedures are instrumental in having workers return home after the day's job. OSHA requirements and ANSI standards are in place to assure your safety. TESSCO can provide the products that meet those requirements for every application—tower, wind energy or utility.



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Feature-Rich, Next-Generation Fall Protection Harness

Exofit NEX Tower HarnessRevolutionary technology offers users of Capital Safety's ExoFit NEX™ full-body harness a level of comfort, function, and durability that has never before been experienced with a fall protection harness. With first-of-its-kind features and benefits, the ExoFit NEX provides the highest level of safety and the utmost comfort with technologically advanced hardware, soft yet extremely durable anti-absorbent webbing, strategically placed padding, and protective elements that prolong the service life of the harness.

The chest platform on the ExoFit NEX places the labels and i-Safe™ RFID tag behind a Velcro® cover to protect the labels and provide easy access. A covered pocket with elastic sides is conveniently placed on the front of the chest strap to hold workplace or personal items such as a cellular phone.

Additional features include reflective material throughout the harness that increases worker safety in low-visibility environments, a stand-up dorsal D-ring to easily secure a connector, and integrated suspension trauma straps for post fall-arrest comfort. The ExoFit NEX meets all applicable industry standards, including OSHA, ANSI, CSA and CE. The ExoFit NEX tower climbing harness is built just for climbers, bringing workers the best features in comfort, function and durability.

Extreme Gear Takes on New Heights

Ergodyne’s extensive lineup of Tenacious Work Gear™ is designed to perform in the unique applications encountered by wireless communication professionals. These include must-have products that help tackle tough telecommunication industry challenges such as extreme rope handling and at-heights safety and organization:

Ergodyne Fire & Rescue Rope GlovesProFlex® 740 Fire & Rescue Rope Gloves—designed for extreme rope applications, these gloves address the grip and burn challenges common in tower and rope work. With a special rope channel, Keprotec® reinforcement zones, Kevlar® stitching, gauntlet cuff, and other great features, these double-reinforced gloves deliver unparalleled protection, dexterity and fit.

Ergodyne Large Canvas leather bottom bucket Arsenal® 5730T Leather Bottom Bucket—delivers high-wall, heavy-duty support for transporting loose gear to and from your at-heights jobsite. With a safe working capacity of 150 pounds, even when facing the wrong way, you can be sure your goods aren’t going anywhere once the detachable safety top is locked and loaded.



Ergodyne Locking Tie HookSquids® 3540L Large Locking Tie Hook—serves as a giant, reusable zip tie. Patented, and super duty, these hooks offer workers a versatile and innovative organization solution that hooks anywhere to store ropes, cords, cables, hoses, wires, and almost anything else.

Fall Protection Systems Criteria and Practices

“Employers shall provide and install all fall protection systems …”

The U.S. Department of Labor Safety and Health Regulations show how important fall arrest systems are—to your company and to you personally. But selecting the the right tool for the right job isn't always easy. There are different safety systems designed to protect you and your co-workers in different circumstances.

Do You Have The Most Dangerous Job in America?

Let Us Help You Survive.

One of the most important parts of a tower safety plan is the ability to rescue a climber quickly to prevent the associated trauma with being suspended in a harness. TESSCO has the products that you need to make this possible along with a complete offering of fall protection products. The goal of every climber is to go home at the end of the day.

Essential Tower Rescue Gear

Fall Protection Plan
OSHA Regulations
  1. The employer shall ensure that each employee under the fall protection plan has been trained as a qualified climber.
  2. The fall protection plan shall be made available and communicated to exposed employee(s) prior to the employee(s) beginning work, and such communication shall be documented.
  3. The fall protection plan shall identify each location on the tower structure where fall protection methods as described cannot be used. As soon as adequate tie-off anchorage points or other fall protection systems can be established, the employer shall utilize any of the fall protection systems.

Personal Fall Protection Systems

TESSCO takes the guesswork out of making a choice. We handle a full line of personal fall protection systems for tower construction, ladder climbing, and maintenance. These include vest-style and full-body safety harnesses, from 1- to 6-ring designs.

Harness Systems

All harnesses are designed to save your life, but while all straps within a harness, tower or otherwise are designed to meet ANSI-specs (that means they can suspend a 5,000-pound pickup truck in the air!), the primary difference is comfort. Comfort in the shoulder, upper thigh and seat areas, adjustability of the legs, and degree of padding in the shoulders, waist-tool belt and saddle, are all factors. These questions can help you select the best option:

  • How many tools or buckets can you attach to the belt to maximize your efficiency?
  • Do you want a built-in tool belt or floating tool belt?
  • Do you want a built-in or adjustable chest-strap restrictor?
  • Do you want a twin-leg lanyard?
  • Do you want heavy or light padding in the shoulders? Legs?
  • Do you want a built-in shock absorber?
  • Are you looking for a fall arrest and positioning, construction, or tower harness?

Use the manufacturer sizing charts and TESSCO's powerful product comparison feature to find the best safety solution for you.

Fall Protection Lanyards and Safety Straps

High-quality lanyards and straps in a variety of sizes, strengths and materials.

Remember: Even though regulations require lanyards be replaced every five years, daily inspections are the key to your safety and returning home at the end of the day.


Choose from lifeline models that meet or exceed all OSHA and ANSI applicable regulations, including a self-retracting option.


Select the right carabiner for your configuration.

Rope Grabs

Ensure you're climbing safely with this range of rope grab products.

Bolt Bags and Tower Accessories

Carry your nuts and bolts easily with this variety of bags.

Harness Sizing Charts

DBI/SALA - ExoFit Sizing Chart
Elk River Sizing Chart for Full Body Harnesses
with Integral Waistbelt
SizeWaist Measurements (Inches)Waist Measurements (Centimeters)


TESSCO Rescue Kit Configurator

Fall Protection CodeTo comply with OSHA regulations, a contractor or carrier working at a tower site must have the equipment to perform an at-height rescue available on-site.

The TESSCO Rescue Kit Configurator makes compliance easy. Kit components also comply with new ANSI/ASSE Z359.4-2007 safety requirements for assisted-rescue and self-rescue systems and are portable enough to transport from site to site.

Configure your kit online now!

Tower Site Safety Essentials

for Meeting OSHA Requirements

The tower climbers' mantra to "tie or die" is a grim reminder that working on high communications equipment is the most dangerous job in America* (PDF). Meet OSHA regulations and protect yourself with approved safety equipment while in the air.

Eye Protection

Safety Gloves

Climbing Safety

Climbing Safety

Hard Hats

Carry Bags

First Aid Kits

*Bureau of Labor Statistics, Courtesy of

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