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In-Vehicle Cell Phone ReceptionImprove cell signal in a vehicle, at home or in a commercial building with celluar/PCS amplifiers, atennas and repeater just right for your need. Find out how TESSCO can help you.

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TESSCO provides many products to enhance the coverage you or your customers receive. More importantly, we can show you how to combine products to fit the unique needs of your customers, from an emergency user in a car to a heavy business user who's replaced his landline phone with wireless, to commercial users serving their employees' needs..

In-Vehicle Wireless Reception Solutions

Being inside a vehicle stops your phone from consistently making and receiving calls.  TESSCO has a solution:

The Simple Solution

Secure & Amplify Your Cell Phone Easily with phone  specific cradles from BURY and paired them with the popular Wilson SIGNALBOOST  mobile amplifierWilson SIGNALBOOST & BURY

Tired of fumbling around to find your cell phone each time you get a call in your car? Or are you frustrated with calls dropping, or poor voice quality?

TESSCO now has your answer. Now TESSCO has taken phone specific cradles from BURY and paired them with the popular Wilson SIGNALBOOST mobile amplifier to give you the best possible experience with your mobile phone in your vehicle. 

Business Opportunity  BlackBerry 8800/30      BlackBerry 8300   BlackBerry Pearl  
iPhone    RAZR V3 (Motorola)    RAZR V3 (Unicel)   

The BURY cradle will hold and charge your phone. In addition, the antenna built into the cradle will work in conjunction with the Wilson Amplifier to give you a much greater signal, improving your sound quality, and preventing dropped calls. Pair this solution with any of TESSCO's many handsfree Bluetooth carkits and you have the perfect hands free solution for your vehicle.

Solution with More Versatility

Cell RangerIn-Vehicle Direct Connect Phone/Data Card Amplifier

For a more versatile solution, you can offer an in-vehicle direct connect phone / data card amplifier from Digital Antenna or Wilson Electronics for use with your customer's hands-free car kit and external antenna. A phone-specific adapter cable will be required for use, or a universal adapter (inductive coupler) is available for Digital Antenna and Wilson.

wireless in-vehicle amplifierSolution for Heavy Users

Wirelss In-Vehicle Amplifer

Heavy users will benefit from wireless in-vehicle amplifier from Digital Antenna or Wilson Electronics. This solution consists of a wireless amplifier, an inside antenna and an outside antenna. It requires no physical connection to your customer's phone or data card. It can also enhance the signal for multiple users in a single vehicle. Complete kits that include the amplifier, internal and external

Wireless Reception Solutions for Small Office & Home Office (SOHO)

For home and small office users who experience weak signals due to building material or wall placement, TESSCO provides a number of residential solutions.

NOTE: If you cannot make and receive calls outside the building where you would permanently mount an antenna, these solutions will not work.

Antenex KIT1027 Home Coverage EnhancementCoverage for Under $100

Simply combine the Antenex KIT1027 with a phone-specific adapter to provide your customers with a high-quality inexpensive solution to dropping calls at home.  Check out all of TESSCO's mobile omni directional antennas.

SignalBoost Cellular/PCS Amplifier with AntennaCombination Home/Mobile Solutions

Our Home / Mobile solution is the SIGNALBOOST Accessories form Wilson ElectronicsCellular / PCS Amplifier with an external mini-magnet mount antenna, the Wilson SIGNALBOOST home / office kit that includes an AC power supply, and antenna window mounting bracket, and a Wilson amplifier carrying case.

Land Line Alternative for Business Users

Wi Ex Dealer Start-Up PackageBusiness users or people who have dropped their landline phone in favor of wireless may need an installed wireless residential repeater start-up package.  Featuring an inside antenna, an outside antenna and a run of low loss coaxial cable, this solution ensures the best coverage possible.

All of TESSCO's signal enhancement products are FCC approved and provide variable gain control to adjust power to cell tower standards.

Featured Products

Boost Cellular Signal for Cell Phones and Mobile Devices

Wi-Ex 545 Dual Band Repeater Kit Designed for consumers, the Wi-Ex zBoost SOHO cell phone signal booster extends a Cell Zone™ for multiple users and all devices operating on 800 MHz and 1900 MHz frequency bands, except those using Nextel/iDen, 4G or 2100 MHz.


  • Increases indoor signal coverage up to 3,000 square feet.
  • Simultaneously supports multiple users.
  • Compatible with all U.S. carriers and mobile devices using
    800 MHz and 1900 MHz, except Nextel/iDEN, 4G or 2100 MHz.
  • Increases Voice and Data transmission.
  • Decreases dropped or missed calls.
  • Easy installation – omni antenna connects to base unit amplifier via cable.
  • No cradle or connections to your phone/mobile devices.
  • Extends phone battery life (uses less power when signal is stronger).
  • Protects the carrier network using patented technology.

New Coverage Solutions for Interleaved Sub-bands within Multiple Frequency Bands

Andrews digital Node A RF Enhancer supports up to four separate frequency bands, and up to 24 interleaved sub-bands or up to 32 narrow band channels, in one unitwhether 2G, 2.5G, 3G, or 4G cellular, iDEN, TETRA, the recently auctioned 700 MHz or other frequency bands.

120 MHz in total anywhere within multiple frequency bands, it is designed to be part of the primary infrastructure and includes many useful features and functions not found in typical enhancer. The unit is ideal for urban area where indoor coverage is needed and frequency bands between operators are intermingled. It is also useful for outdoor coverage in areas where cost, coverage, and quality need to be optimized.

Get More Bars With The Most Powerful Mobile Repeater System Available!

PowerMax 4KSBR-50MDigital Antenna's PowerMax 4KSBR-50M 70dB gain wireless repeater system boosts the signal strength of your cell phones or air cards (up to 20 handsets or data cards) to 3 watts, translates into fewer dropped calls, clearer connections and stronger signals inside your home, office, yacht, sailboat or RV. Dual band for use with all North American cell phones operating on 850 or 1900 MHz (except Nextel or iDEN). A 25' separation plus a structure between inside and outside antennas is required for operation.

Digital Antenna PowerMax 4KSBR-50M

Including Everything For A Complete Setup
  • 60dB gain 3 watt cellular repeater
  • 1”-14 threaded mounting ferrule with mount
  • 18” external 9dB gain antenna
  • Internal 9dB gain directional antenna
  • 12 VDC power converter and 110 VAC power supply
  • 15’ cable for internal antenna  and 50’ cable for external antenna

Spotwave Model Z-1900 Adaptive Repeater for Home and Small Office

Improve coverage for cell phones, PDAs and other mobile devices in their most common point of use — indoors! New adaptive technology from Spotwave supports CDMA, GSM, EVDO and UMTS (voice and data)services in North America in the 1900 MHz band (PCS). Check out these benefits for yourself or your customers:

  • No more dropped calls
  • Clear voice quality
  • Easy installation
  • Faster data performance
  • Extended battery life
  • Coverage up to 2,500 square feet

The Z-1900 comes in two versions with varying gain options. See which Z-1900 wireless adaptive repeater fits your needs!

See more details and view product and technology fact sheets.

Looking for improved coverage in larger areas such as offices, warehouses, hospitals and parking garages? TESSCO has a complete range of wireless coverage solutions for Enterprises, too!

For more information contact TESSCO at 800-305-9772 or email us today.

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