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RoIP - Radio over Internet ProtocolTESSCO provides you with the communications equipment you need to stay connected in today's world. RoIP allows you to extend your radio signals anywhere there is an IP connection.


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Radio Over IP

Raytheon JPS ACU-MThe  Raytheon NXU-2A  connects communications equipment to a digital network using RoIP (Radio over Internet Protocol) technology. It is intended for use with radio communications consoles, communications radios, and products such as the ACU-1000 and the  SNV-12 Voter. The NXU-2A is a general-purpose standalone device that interfaces full duplex audio, one RS-232 port, and four status bits onto an Ethernet network. A pair of NXU-2As can form a simple system that creates a transparent communications link between the two.

Eliminate Leased Lines and Save, Using RoIP

Raytheon's JPS NXU-2A Network eXtensionVoice-Grade leased lines can be very costly, especially if they are crossing state boundary lines and they are installed and managed by telephone companies.

Voice Grade Leased Lines can be circumvented by transporting digitized baseband audio from land-mobile radio systems over existing TCP/IP networks supported by Raytheon JPS' NXU-2A Network eXtension Units. The NXU-2A uses RoIP (Radio Over Internet Protocol) to convert land mobile radio baseband audio to datagram, which can then be routed over an existing digital network.

RoIP White Papers from Raytheon

Get all the details you need! Raytheon has supplied a series of white papers to help you as you build your system.

NXU-2 RoIP Link to Eliminate Voice-Grade Leased Line (137 KB)

NXU to Help Migrate to New Radio System (73 KB)

RoIP Versus VoIP Solutions    (219 KB)

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