Public Carrier Networks

Public Carrier Networks


The explosive adoption of smart phones and other network devices continue to tax public carrier networks. Infrastructure expansions, overhauls and upgrades are an ongoing reality for today's service providers.

Get the equipment, supplies and tools you need to ensure the continuation of reliable service.

Public Carrier Networks

Public carrier networks are designed to provide millions of individuals and businesses with mobile communication services.

Mobile communication has changed dramatically in the quarter century since its inception. The original wireless networks were optimized for mobile voice calling. Today, demand for high-speed anywhere, any media, voice, data and video communications is driving public carriers to modernize their networks to next generation wireless technology at an unprecedented pace.

4G refers to the 4th generation of wireless technology. Unlike earlier generation wireless technologies that were designed for voice then evolved to circuit-switched data, 4G is designed for very high-speed Internet Protocol (IP) data connections over a wide area with voice included as an application.

WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) and LTE (Long-Term Evolution) are air interfaces that are part of 4G standard of radio technologies designed to increase the capacity and speed of mobile telephone networks.

Established public carriers must maintain legacy 2G/3G networks operational for a period of time as they migrate to 4G, whereas new carriers can start fresh with 4G. Either way, single RAN (radio access network) base station radios can accommodate multiple air interfaces in the same cabinet. As such, 4G base stations are more versatile, more compact and more powerful than their 2G and 3G predecessors. Their compact designs allow for versatile installations on towers, rooftops or other structures to provide the needed coverage. Connections between the radio and the antenna can be made with either coaxial cable or fiber optic cable, depending on the configuration

New multiband antennas now are available to support simultaneous legacy cellular operations in 850/1900 MHz bands and new 4G frequency deployments in 700 MHz or AWS (1.7/2.1 GHz) bands without the antennas occupying more tower space.

TESSCO is uniquely positioned to help public carriers configure complete 4G system solutions. From single RAN radio options for licensed and unlicensed operation, high-capacity backhaul microwave radio, LTE/cellular multiband antennas, copper and fiber cables, cabinets, power, and site mounting hardware, TESSCO's 4G portfolio outpaces any other wireless equipment distributor. In addition, TESSCO offers the widest selection of accepted wireless products for Rural Utilities Service (RUS)-funded projects. And we support public carrier network builds with value-added services such application engineering, site kitting, guaranteed delivery, and technology and product training.

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    Application Drawings

    Tower Site


    Tower Site

    View a comprehensive overview of a typical cell tower site.



    Site Power


    Site Power

    Learn about the latest in tower site power solutions to ensure reliability and uptime.



    Site Kitting


    Site Kitting

    See complete, turnkey site kits ready for your deployment.



    Into Shelter


    Into Shelter

    Get an in-depth look at the products needed inside the typical tower site shelter.




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    Site Planner

    The latest products and solutions to meet your tower site deployment needs



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