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Telewave, Inc.
132-174 Inline Preamp
UPC: 84332
QTY/UOM: 1/each
MFG PART #: TLA150-12/N

TELEWAVE's TLA series in-line preamplifiers use surface-mount bipolar devices to amplify low level RF signals by up to 34 dB. The primary application of these preamplifiers is to improve the noise figure of a receiver system. Preamps compensate for splitter insertion loss or losses from long coaxial cable runs, and increase signal levels to spectrum analyzers or other test equipment. Each preamplifier is housed in a rugged, custom made, RF-tight aluminum enclosure. The DC input is reverse polarity protected, and equipped with a high-pass filter to eliminate RFI. Preamplifiers are tuned to customer specified center frequencies (50 MHz bandwidth). Specify receive frequency and gain required between +6 and +28 dB.

Technical Specs