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Crescend Technologies, L.L.C.
42-50 MHz 2-5W In/100W Out Repeater Amp
TESSCO SKU: 341631
UPC: 341631
QTY/UOM: 1/each
MFG PART #: P10-2AC1-C5-001

CRESCEND's P10-2AC1-C5-001 amplifiers are engineered to deliver superior reliability through outstanding design techniques. The VHF line of amplifiers is available in outputs of 100 W, 110 W, 150 W, and 250 W with inputs ranging from 100 mW – 50 W. The C5 chassis design employs thermal management, VSWR protection and closed loop power control, delivering better and more consistent performance across the entire bandwidth than any tuned amplifier can offer. The P10-2AC1-C5-001 amplifier covers the entire range of 42 – 50 MHz and will provide 100 W of output from a 2 – 5 W input.

Technical Specs