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Times Microwave Systems, Inc.
Cable Cutting Tool
TESSCO SKU: 224740
UPC: 729198473259
QTY/UOM: 1/each

TIMES MICROWAVE's CCT-03 cable cutting tool (suitable for LMR-600 and smaller) precision-engineered to cut Times Microwave's LMR-600 (or smaller) low-loss, all-purpose coaxial cable, and the TCOM-600 (and smaller) flexible, low-loss passive intermod coaxial cable. It is also ideally suited to cut RG standard coaxial cable with a solid center conductor and a diameter of ≤ 0.600 in. Tested to 1000 cut cycles for conformity of accurate cuts and tool sharpness, the CCT-03 automatically slices through cable jacket, outer braid, foam dielectric, and scribes the center conductor prior to snapping it to complete the cutting process. The device's safety locking mechanism keeps it positively closed until needed.