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RAD Data Communications Inc.
Carrier Ethernet Demarc w/dual DC power
TESSCO SKU: 516408
UPC: 516408
QTY/UOM: 1/each

The ETX-205A Carrier Ethernet demarcation device offers ethernet demarcation functionality for business services as well as cell-site gateway functionality for mobile backhauling applications. It provides end-to-end service control and performance management across packet networks.brbr The device delivers SLA-based business services to the customer premises over native Ethernet interfaces, terminating over any type of packet network.brbr The ETX-205A transports up to five Gbps of user throughput while ensuring SDH/SONET-like performance and five nines reliability. It can deliver IP VPN, VoIP, and dedicated internet access over the same physical link as a layer-2 LAN-to-LAN service, all with differentiated quality of service and end-to-end monitoring. This model includes redundant DC power supplies and a 19 in chassis.