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Low PIM Attenuator 15dB 4.3-10-M/F

  • TESSCO SKU: 216519
  • UPC: 888063101830
  • MFG PART #: FY-15E

MICROLAB FY-15E LOW PIM ATTENUATOR, 15dB,617-2700MHz, 4.3-10-M/F, ROHS. Microlab FY Series is a low PIM, unidirectional Attenuator, using a multi section, quarter wave, stripline coupler with a low PIM cable load. It is designed for indoor applications covering all wireless bands from 617 to 2,700 MHz. This model couples off a portion of the input power to the output. This achieves a flat attenuation response over a wide frequency range. The wide frequency range allows use with multiband antennas and leaky cable systems and in wireless base stations. With minimal solder joints and an air dielectric, the dissipative loss has been minimized and reliability enhanced

Technical Specs

  • Qty/ Uom
    1 Each
  • Manufacturer
  • Attenuation
    15 dB
  • Maximum Power
    10 W
  • Maximum VSWR
    1.25:1, 1.35:1