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Multiband 10-in-1 VenDome Omni Antenna with FAKRA Connectors
TESSCO SKU: 216395
UPC: 216395
QTY/UOM: 1/each

Ventev's multiband 10-in-1 VenDome omni antenna. This antenna provides an ultra-wideband 617 - 6000 MHz frequency range to support MIMO/diversity at 4G/5G areas as well as Wi-Fi elements. With FAKRA connectors, it is compatible with the Sierra XR80 gateway radio. Designed with a UV stabilized radome, perfect for indoor or outdoor deployments.

Cellular 4G/5G Cables (leads 1 to 4): FAKRA D (Purple) Female; 17-foot pigtail with RG58

Wi-Fi Cables (leads 5 to 8): FAKRA I (Beige) Female; 17-foot pigtail with RG58

GNSS/GPS Cable (lead 9): FAKRA C (Blue) Female; 17-foot pigtail with RG174

Dimensions: Ø7.0 (Diameter) x 3.15 in (H)