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Westell, Inc.
Westell 1200Amp DC Breaker Panel
TESSCO SKU: 555400
UPC: 555400
QTY/UOM: 1/each
MFG PART #: A90-DCP10X10

WESTELL's power distribution unit, the DCP10X10 (DCP) high current DC breaker / fuse panel, offers some of the industries highest amperages available in a compact high-density package. With a dual 600 A bus, it is a perfect fit for the applications limited on space and provides several options for protecting network equipment such as, breakers or fuses (TPS, TLS, and TPC). With standard Westell panel features like wide operating voltage range (+/-24 to +/-48 VDC) and cascading output lugs, this panel exceeds the requirements of today's networks.brgt/ Includes an integrated return busbar.

Technical Specs