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Wilson Electronics
WilsonPro Enterprise 4300R Rack-Mounted Commercial Booster Kit
TESSCO SKU: 257584
UPC: 811815029908
QTY/UOM: 1/each
MFG PART #: 460153

Wilson Electronics WilsonPro Enterprise 4300R cell phone signal booster. It provides significantly enhanced 5G, 4G, and LTE voice and data coverage inside large commercial buildings and medium size enterprises where cell signals may not otherwise penetrate. Installing this system will result in fewer dropped calls, improved voice quality, uninterrupted texts, and faster data speeds - along with better audio and video streaming.

It features the latest in cell signal boosting technology. Built with four amplifiers and four indoor antenna ports, it offers up to 100,000 sq ft of coverage. Revolutionary industry-first three outdoor-antenna port configuration helps maximize multi-carrier coverage. Each port is dedicated to a specific frequency band to collectively amplify signals from multiple towers. High gain and high output powers allow great reach to distant cell towers and strong indoor reception. State-of-the-art XDR (eXtended Dynamic Range) technology prevents signal overload, ensuring continuous uptime.

With wired or LTE access (using the built-in cellular modem) to the WilsonPro Cloud for remote functionality, it provides integrators and building managers with the capability to remotely manage, monitor, and adjust their amplifier, and receive real-time updates on a smartphone or tablet. Immediate notification of issues, such as system failure, oscillation, or change in signal strength is also provided via text or email.


  • Three outdoor antenna ports to target multiple carrier towers
  • Four independently controlled indoor antenna ports built in
  • Wired or LTE WilsonPro Cloud access for remote functionality
  • Up to 26 dBm in uplink power and 17 dBm in downlink power
  • XDR technology to virtually eliminate shutdown or signal loss
  • 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen for an enhanced user-experience
  • Works with ALL phones and cellular devices on ALL carriers

Booster Dimensions: 17.5 x 12 x 3.75 in