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Wilson Electronics
WilsonPro Signal 4G Seccurity Kit
TESSCO SKU: 559733
UPC: 811815026105
QTY/UOM: 1/each
MFG PART #: 461119

WILSONPRO's signal 4G security kit: multi-carrier cellular signal amplifier for security systems. Developed specifically for cellular-enabled security systems, the WilsonPro Signal 4G Security kit is a ready-to-integrate cellular amplifier providing a strong, reliable connection with monitoring stations. Compact and powerful, the Signal 4G Security signal amplifier is ideal for residences or commercial buildings in locations plagued by a weak or spotty cellular signal. The resulting amplified cell signal speeds transmissions and reduces resending of data. The all-weather 4G Omni Plus external antenna pulls in weak cell-tower signals from all directions. The signals are amplified and passed to the security system. The process is repeated in reverse to transmit data back to tower. Bidirectional signal amplification for faster data transmission makes the Signal 4G Security perfect for the intrusion market. Auto-power control ensures the amplifier always operates at maximum output. The RF bypass failover feature allows the security system modem to maintain its connection with the external antenna, even if the cellular amplifier loses power. The signal 4G security kit is FCC certified, and works with 4G, LTE, 3G, and 2G signals for all U.S. cell service providers, including smaller regional carriers. In areas where cellular signals are weak due to distance from the cell tower, rugged terrain or dense building materials like concrete and steel that block cell reception, the Signal 4G Security kit provides a strong, reliable signal for cellular-enabled security systems. brbr

Technical Specs