3 MHz-40 GHz RADMAN-XT RF Personal Alarm
NARDA - RADMAN XT - 3 MHz-40 GHz RADMAN-XT RF Personal Alarm
TESSCO SKU : 436052 Mfg Part #: 2251/02 Qty/UOM : 1 EACH UPC: 646444360524
NARDA 3 MHz-40 GHz RADMAN XT Personal RF Monitor. Emits audible alarm & visually displays % increase over min exposure limit. Data logger always on. Incl case.

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Battery Life200 h
Color GroupingYellow / Black
Item Height7.8 in
DescriptionRadMan XT RF Personal Alarm. E field sensor is rated 3 MHz to 40 GHz, H field sensor is rated 3 MHz to 1 GHz. Operating over the maximum frequency range and generally shaped to match the higher level of 2 tier standards. The data logger can log over 1600 sets of data and be reviewed whenever there is a need, similar to an Aircraft Flight Data Recorder.
Item Length1.6 in
Minimum Frequency3 MHz
Maximum Frequency40 GHz
Mfg. Warranty2 Years
All RadMan monitors are multi-function tools. With the RF absorber cap off, the RadMan functions as a simple instrument with isotropic detection and 4 level indicator LED's that provide an approximate indication of field strength. All models can also be used as a simple area monitor. The ESM-TS Interface Set (Sold separately) allows the user to download the data collected by the XT Series monitors to a PC.

  • 1 MHz to 40 GHz
  • Shaped Frequency Response matched to your standard
  • Simultaneous E and H Field Measurement
  • 4 LED level indicators
  • Data Logger records continuously (RADMAN XT Models)
  • Isotropic Response when used off the body
  • Optical Interface can be used "Real Time"
  • Multi-function: Can be used as a Personal Monitor for leak detection and simple measurements
  • Patented Design

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3 MHz- 40 GHz RADMAN RF Personal Alarm
TESSCO 78159
3 MHz- 40 GHz RADMAN RF Personal Alarm

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